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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sigh. Rushdie Again

(Sorry JAP. Couldn't resist.)

This is from film-maker Ram Madhvani's insightful article in the latest issue of

"I met Salman Rushdie recently and he spoke about how the only way for him to make a mark in literature was to borrow from our oral traditions. In a non-linear conversation, he spoke about how our stories are not linear stories. In fact, they break all the rules of what is supposed to be good story-telling. Our stories are circular looping rings of stories. Our oral story-teller of yore will tell you a story, then interrupt himself, then tell you a joke or tell some personal reminiscence or he will introduce political satire or he may make a reference to a mythological story, or he may sing a song."

Sounds a lot like my superiors at work trying to brief me on a new job, that.


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