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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Of "Mixed Parentage"

There are times when one despairs of the standards of Indian journalism. Case in point: a column by Ms Nandita Puri in today's Mid-day.

With utter unselfconsciousness, she writes: "As teenagers we used to refer to Engelbert Humperdinck as an eight anna (50 paise) coin and Cliff Richard as a four anna (25 paise) coin. This was because of their mixed parentage. Engelbert was half Anglo-Indian and half British....Richard on the other hand had more gora blood in him and hence was a four anna coin."

Lest you pass this off as no more than refreshing candour, Ms Puri then goes on to write: "Their mixed parentage notwithstanding, both have been my favourite singers."

Notwithstanding? Exactly what is being implied here? Purity of blood is necessary for artistic achievement?



  • ah, the Raj rules! and pop is but small change...

    By Blogger pH, at 1:57 AM  

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