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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Why Don't They Just Approach The Times Of India?

Been there, done that, the venerable TOI would say to this BusinessWeek article on “hidden ads”:

"Toyota Motor Corp has asked at least three major magazine companies to explore product integration -- that's product placement to you and me -- of its cars into magazine editorial pages. Say hello to another indicator of changing media mores.

“There's no sign that Hearst Magazines, Meredith, and Advance Publications, the parent of Condé Nast Publications, are going along with what would be a major breach of the traditional wall between magazine editorial and advertising units. Still, it's a time, says Deborah Wahl Meyer, vice-president for marketing at Lexus, in which ‘ideas can cross between advertising and editorial. It doesn't always need to have the 'advertorial' note on top.’ ”


  • doesnt always need. what does the always mean, i wonder?

    By Blogger uma, at 6:09 PM  

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