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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Harry Potter And The Overactive Imagination

Sarah Crown, of the Guardian's Culture Vulture, raises her eyebrows at this report in The Times of India, stating that certain passages in Harry Potter 6 are pornographic in nature:

There was no need to stick the wand in that hard,' he (Dumbledore) said gruffly, clambering to his feet. 'It hurt.' (p 64)

...a hole opened in the middle of all the tentaclelike branches; Hermione plunged her arm bravely into this hole, which closed like a trap around her elbow; Harry and Ron tugged and wrenched at the vines, forcing the hole to open again... (p 281)

Lupin burst out laughing. 'Sometimes you remind me a lot of James. He called it my 'furry little problem'... (p 335)

'I dunno,' said Harry. 'Maybe it's better when you do it yourself, I didn't enjoy it much when Dumbledore took me along for the ride.' (p 355)

'You see?' Dumbledore said quietly, holding his wand a little higher. Harry saw a fissure in the cliff into which dark water was swirling. 'You will not object to getting a little wet?' 'No,' said Harry. 'Then take off your Invisibility Cloak... and let us take the plunge.' (p 556)

The article even attempts academic justification: β€˜It's not impossible that literary passages contain sexual innuendoes planted by the author. But in the case of Potter, it can't be said with certainty whether it's sprinkled with double entendre. Yes, when read out of the context, they are quite provocative,’ says Malashri Lal, professor of English, DU.”

Written by one Ranjan Yumnam, it goes on to point out how even Archie, Betty and Veronica are at fault: " 'Countless strips feature Veronica in a revealing dress or bathing suit bringing boys to a libidinous swoon. And Betty, in her desperate moments, is also known to show off the goods,’ says Suresh Manchanda, an avid reader of Archie comics."

Libidinous swoon? Must experience one of those soon.


  • Good show. I'd give the man a cigar, but I'm afraid he might take it the wrong way. Errr, might get the wrong end of the stick. I mean, he might misunderstand (sheesh!).

    Meanwhile, as I type this comment is it okay to press backspace and enter, or is that being too libidinous?

    By Blogger Falstaff, at 10:19 PM  

  • How come men get libidinous-swoon-inducing pictures of Betty and Veronica and all we get is that skinny redheaded kid? I protest.

    I seem to remember someone replacing every instance of the word 'wand' in Prisoner of Azkaban to 'wang' some years ago. It was...entertaining.

    By Blogger Aishwarya, at 11:24 PM  

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