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Friday, September 09, 2005

Not Tonight, Dear, I Have A Casserole

In the New Statesman, William Skidelsky praises the New Yorker's annual food issue for getting its priorities right:

"What is it about the New Yorker's food writing that appeals to me? I like, above all, its seriousness and straightforwardness. In Britain, despite our modish fascination with all things food-related, a faint whiff of embarrassment attaches to public discussions of the subject. There is still a sense that an interest in food needs to be apologised for, which explains our tendency to broach the subject through the prism of sex, celebrity or class. In the New Yorker food issues, there are no allusions to sex: it is rightly seen as irrelevant."

(It's not available online as yet, but ought to be soon.)


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