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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Svelte And Twinkling. The Prose Isn't Bad, Too

Every profile and interview of John Updike has to mention the fact that his eyes twinkle. It's a sort of legally binding agreement the author seems to have with those who write about him. Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times is no exception; in addition, he also calls Updike's figure "svelte". Nevertheless, it's an interesting piece:

"Asked about contemporary writers he respects, Updike ducked the question a bit, claiming, 'I'm a little at the mercy of the New Yorker,' since he spends so much time working as a book reviewer for the magazine. 'Recently, I read the new Doctorow novel, which is turning into a bestseller. I also read Salman Rushdie's new book. He's an interesting writer. Not quite a master yet, but he's getting there.'


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