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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Indian Bloggers' Self-help Books

So we've all read about bloggers who've got book deals, and there's now even a buzz about an Indian blogger who's been asked to turn in a manuscript. But look at it this way: books that really sell in India -- indeed, anywhere in the world -- are those that promise to change your life. In other words, self-help books. This, then, is a look at some of the titles we could well be seeing on the shelves in the near future.

Women Who Run With The Cows by Amit Varma
An uncut exploration into why chewing the cud, not shooting the bull, is the way to happiness.

The Power Of Positive Collaborating by Zigzackly
Why create something all on your own when you can get willing hands to help you? Inspired by the classic incident of Tom Sawyer’s fence.

The Bar Girl Who Sold Her Ferrari by Sonia Faleiro
Wisdom from a former Mumbai dancer that speaks to the souls of all those who don’t want to twirl in front of others.

Tuesdays With Fellini by Jabberwock
Kiss ungenerous bosses and moronic colleagues goodbye. Tried and tested tips on how to survive by reading novels and watching movies all day long.

How To Lift Links And Impress People
by PrufrockTwo
Think your day job doesn’t give you time to maintain a blog? This helpful compendium of Internet sites will have you thinking again.


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