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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Touching Post

Even without the centrefolds, and with a different name, the very idea of an Indian edition of Playboy has led to many salivating reports. For those who want more, however, one couldn't do better than to point to this piece which talks of a Braille version of the magazine. You did want to read it for the articles, didn't you?


  • I was recently told, though I couldn't say, that Playboy tends to have the best articles of all men's magazines, seriously. This in comparision to Maxim and GQ and Stuff-men's magazines, not porn. Their interviews are supposed to be rather in depth, hard-hitting and exhaustive.

    that sounds dirty now, doesn't it?

    anywho, the whole "read it for the articles" is an interesting legal story.

    By Blogger Brown Magic, at 2:26 AM  

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