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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Banville Waves To The Critics

Much linked to already, but my goodness, definitely worth mentioning: John Banville's frank interview with Australia's The Age. Speaking of his statement at the Booker podium -- "It is good to see a work of art being recognised!" -- he says:

"I said it because I wanted to annoy them, all those literary London critics - they know how to turn the knife. Theirs is such a small world. So I decided to have a go at them. I meant what I said. I do think it good that a work of art has won."

He also talks about Benjamin Black, his alter ego, and "that McEwan thing". One had long been a fan of the man's work without knowing too much about the person himself, and had imagined him to be a sort of recluse, working as literary editor of The Irish Times during the day and writing at night. Well, he's certainly not holding back now, is he?


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