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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Library Built By Writers

Last year, David Grand, a novelist and father of 6-year-old twins who attend a public school in Brooklyn, heard that other parents were trying to establish a library at the school. It was among the 20 percent of the New York City's public elementary schools that do not have one.

His idea? Ask other novelists in the neighbourhood to pitch in. And they have: Grand's friends, acquaintances and fellow Brooklynites agreed to participate in a reading series. For a $10 admission fee, people have seen and heard writers such as Jonathan Lethem, Colson Whitehead, Paul Auster, Jhumpa Lahiri, Jonathan Safran Foer and Rick Moody. So far, the readings have earned $12,000.

And yes, the school has a new library.


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