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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

'A Worldwide Publishing Event'. No-one Knows Who's Written It

Galleycat informs us of the text of a Harper Collins press release:

Just Announced from William Morrow - On-sale September 12, 2006
Title and Author to be Revealed Upon Publication

A world wide publishing event, this book will make headlines around the world. A shattering, provocative and mesmerizing true story, it will receive major national media attention here in the U.S. in addition to making news around the globe.

This will be the must-read-tell-all book for Fall!
Title to be Revealed by Author to be Revealed is scheduled for a One-day Laydown on Tuesday, September

12thKey selling points:
* The subject matter of this book will make news all over the world - with details and information never-before-revealed from a proven author who will the story everyone wants to hear. This is the book everyone will be talking about!
* Major national publicity will be confirmed - and as soon as the details of this sensational story are officially released, there will be much more to follow!
Title to be RevealedBy Author
ISBN: 0-06-113895-9Price: $25.95 ($31.95 Can.)320 pages; 6 x 93 8-page color inserts

One-Day Laydown September 12, 2006

Intriguing. One wonders who it is. (Not Jaswant Singh, surely.)


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