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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not Going Gentle Into That Good Night

The 83-year-old Norman Mailer's new novel is about Hitler, and it comes out later this month. One wonders how he'll treat that character in his novel, considering that in real life he's stabbed his wife, sat on Truman Capote, head-butted Gore Vidal and referred to Michiko Kakutani as "a one-woman kamikaze". Here's his All-Time Enemies List.

(By the way, he's also a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post.)


  • It's typical for meat- heads like you who haven't read Mailer to dwell on his personality rather his writing. Nothing belies ignorance than hand wringing over decades old events and equally aged gossip instead of remarking on his actual books. Mailer is a writer, bud, remember? On that score you haven't kept current with what Mailer has been up to, failing to note in the link you provided that he hasn't contributed to the Huffington Post since June 6, 2005. Mailer, safe to say, is not a participant in the Huffington Post.Why would that detail elude you for reasons other than that you're a a lazy reader?Contempt prior to investigation is the lowest form of arrogance; your contempt of Mailer is based on two generations of conventional wisdom .In that regard, you'd be more interesting if you'd at least read Mailer and said something unflattering based on your own thinking. We'd at least be assured that you're actually a reader, not a third-string wannabe pressing their nose against the restaurant window. "The Castle in the Forest", incidentally, is magnificent. Disagree if you might, but read the book and give me an argument based on what you've read by Mailer, not what you've gathered from the cheap seats.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:48 AM  

  • Shorn of invective, what you're saying is: Read the book. I will, once it's released. Happy new year to you, too.

    (Oh, and in in your hurry to hurl abuse, you probably haven't realised that this blog's primary task is to point to other articles of interest. Keep that in mind the next time you visit and find yourself turning purple.)

    By Blogger PrufrockTwo, at 2:56 PM  

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