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Friday, February 23, 2007

Food Fight

What would you do if your restaurant was given a zero-star review in the New York Times, containing sentences such as: "Too many insipid or insulting dishes at prices that draw blood from anyone without a trust fund or an expense account"?

Well, Jeffrey Chodorow of the Kobe Club decided to retaliate by spending more than $80,000 for a full-page advertisement in the paper stating that that it been lacking a "real food critic" since Ruth Reichl left for Gourmet magazine and that he was the victim of a personal attack.

Reviewer Frank Bruni's response: "I completely understand his being disappointed in the Kobe Club review, but all those things I've written are completely honest, if inevitably subjective. None of them had any personal grudge. The next time he opens a restaurant that seems to be the kind that warrants a look and a review, it will get the same open-minded reaction that any new place gets."


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