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Friday, February 02, 2007

Masterly But One-Dimensional

Chandak Sengoopta begins his review of Sujit Saraf's The Peacock Throne with a peroration designed to warm the hearts of the likes of Pankaj Mishra: "It's great that the West is finally trying to overcome its near-pornographic fixation on India's poverty and destitution, but the shiny new India that we are being urged to drool over is almost as fictitious, alas, as the dying lepers that journalists and missionary-types used to find so regularly on the pavements of Indian cities." Sengoopta goes on to praise the novel, calling it a "masterly work in its own way and a terrific read", but finds it in the final analysis "a little too one-dimensional to be a real masterpiece".

(Note to The Independent sub-editing team: It's 'Sujit', not 'Sukit'.)


  • The novel goes on and on for a long time... the negativity seems to be running thruout...
    Also there is no goal or objective that is clearly defined...

    there has to be an anticlimax and then a climax.... which is missing.
    ..the prose is cool though !

    By Blogger Aalok, at 12:01 AM  

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