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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Best Of The Rest

From Critical Mass, Eric Miles Williamson's 'A Brief History of the Short Story in America': "The short story has responded to film by attempting to render in fiction that which is unfilmable."

And two profiles, brought to one's attention by The Literary Saloon. The first, of Amitav Ghosh: "We live in a world that is scripted by history, yes, but Ghosh is always asking: whose history and who is writing that history?". And the second, of ubercritic James Wood: " 'Remember, I grew up with Bellow,' Wood says. 'If you love Bellow, you love exuberance and stylistic showing off. That is exactly my complaint against someone like Rushdie. It's not style, it's all noise. He doesn't hit the drums like [Keith] Moon hits them.' "


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