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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wood, No Softie

“I have no intention of going soft. I intend to be a critic, which means, as Eliot once put it, ‘the elucidation of texts and the correction of taste.’ If I annoy people who publish stories or who have extracts published in The New Yorker, that will be the editor’s problem, not mine! After all, it’ll be him they complain to, not me.”

- Critic James Wood, who recently moved from The New Republic to The New Yorker. (The piece is studded with comments, including this one by TNR editor Leon Wieseltier, who said of Remnick's offer to Wood: “It’s pointless to be angry at rich people for shopping.”)


  • Oh, Wieseltier's comments were hilarious. Based on commentary on other blogs, the editor seems to have a reputation, not necessarily a good one. But I've found all of his barbed jibes highly entertaining.

    By Blogger Imani, at 12:14 AM  

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