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Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Bills

It's funny in parts, it's comprehensive, but, says Tom Payne of Bill Bryson's latest work, Shakespeare: The World as a Stage, "I'm afraid that there is almost nothing – barely a mote, let alone a scrap – that gives much insight into Bryson's feelings about Shakespeare. It's probably fair to say that he's a fan; he does concede that his subject is a genius. Damn right – and?"


  • The only book by Bill Bryson I have read so far is "Notes from a Small Island". That wasn't too bad, but I completely got put off him when I visited Bath and found that he's provided some awful commentary on those audio guide things. His observations were trite and superfluous (e.g. "it's amazing how the Romans built the baths").
    I can't understand how he managed to set himself up as an expert on all things British, and what is worse, he does it with a faux British accent.

    By Anonymous sk, at 7:14 PM  

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