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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Nostalgia, Embarrassment And Dismay"

It's Harry Potter Week all over again, and stores such as Crossword in Mumbai are so excited that -- as of this writing -- they haven't even bothered to stock other books such as Amartya's Sen's The Argumentative Indian.

Meanwhile, The Observer's Robert McCrum isn't impressed:

"When the current generation of Harry Potter readers has grown up, it will look back on the Harry Potter phenomenon with a mixed thrill of intense nostalgia, embarrassment and dismay. Our children's children will certainly read these books, but as curiosities, bizarre literary relics from a lost world."


  • While unemployed single moms mint billions, there are sure to be plenty of sour grapes around. :-)

    By Anonymous Aekta, at 4:29 PM  

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