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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Amis Fils Returns To London Fields

This year's Booker longlist contained many of the names that featured in Granta's first best of young British novelists issue in 1983 -- from Rushdie to McEwan to Barnes to Ishiguro. With one notable exception: the man who, at the time, was considered the most stylistically accomplished of the lot. So if you've been wondering what Martin Amis has been up to after 2003's execrable Yellow Dog, here's the answer: he's been writing the film version of his 1989 novel, London Fields. The director? None other than David Cronenberg: "It’s a dark tale about, among many other things, a girl awaiting her own grisly, inevitable murder. For Cronenberg, it sounds like a perfect fit."


  • This is an interesting tidbit. I found your site using Martin Amis in the search argument, in the Blogger version of Google. It seems you get more traffic the more names you drop...the consequence of all this name dropping, possibly, is that that these Blogs change form, they start as a pure voice and then segue into another media outlet. I just opened a couple of blog things last week, mainly to promote my unpublished musings. Just saying hi Prufrock...cheers,


    By Blogger ernestshank, at 7:02 AM  

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