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Monday, November 14, 2005

How Liberated?

In the Washington Post, Megan Rosenfeld ends her joint review of Pornified by Pamela Paul and Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy with the following food-for-thought observation:

"Levy's catchphrase and title, Female Chauvinist Pigs, refers to what she says is the key to the success of raunch culture: Women have bought the idea that looking like bimbos, going to strip clubs, doing a pole dance, and getting or giving a lap dance is cool, not compliant.

"Levy's thesis was pretty much summed up by Erica Jong when Levy interviewed Jong on the 30th anniversary of the publication of her sexy novel Fear of Flying . 'Let's not kid ourselves that this is liberation,' Jong warned. 'The women who buy the idea that flaunting your breasts in sequins is power -- I mean, I'm for all that stuff -- but let's not get so into the [body parts] that we don't notice how far we haven't come. Let's not confuse that with real power. I don't like to see women fooled.' "


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