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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Other Ondaatje

"Here is someone who had it all, then lost it, then built up a billion-dollar business empire. Who in his spare time became an Olympic sportsman, a photographer and an international art collector before giving it all up to pursue a life of writing, exploration and philanthropy."

That's from a fascinating profile of the 72-year-old Christopher Ondaatje, Michael's brother, who's planning to give his sibling some competition:

"Two years ago he went to Africa in pursuit of his literary hero Ernest Hemingway, producing the acclaimed Hemingway in Africa. With the publication of his latest work, Woolf in Ceylon, about Virginia Woolf's husband Leonard and his time as a colonial administrator in Sri Lanka, Ondaatje seals a reputation as someone driven to follow in the (literal) footsteps of his literary greats."


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