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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It's not a humble verb anymore. It's a command.

Soft drink commercials and music channel promos urge you to "Enjoy!" as if not doing so would be an insult to national honour. The waiter at the tony Mediterranean-themed restaurant lays down your order and croons "Enjoy!" as if not to do so would entail swift expulsion from the premises. Why, even pizza delivery boys nowadays beam from doorways and say, "Enjoy your pizza," before carefully backing away.

At least flight attendants say, "We hope you've enjoyed your flight." Better, much better -- even though domestic flights don't offer much by way of enjoyment.

If this virus spreads, it won't be long before we turn on the TV set to witness the Hon'ble Finance Minister barking out a peremptory "Enjoy!" before reading out the provisions of the annual Budget.

Still reading this post? Enjoy!


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