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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Go, Rana!

The National Short Story Prize was established this year in the UK with the support of BBC Radio 4 and Prospect magazine, to re-establish the importance of the British story after years of perceived neglect. Well, the shortlist of selected stories is just out, and quite a shortlist it is indeed: from William Trevor to Michael Faber to Rose Tremain to Rana Dasgupta. (Dasgupta's is a story about a young man in Lagos whose only talent is for knowing other people's business, taken from Tokyo Cancelled.) Each of the stories will be broadcast on Radio 4 and all of the stories will be published as a collection next month. The winner of the £15,000 prize will be announced on 15 May.


  • Don't they have such stuff going here in India? Something that's open to amateur (as in un-published) writers)?

    By Blogger Patient Portnoy, at 8:13 AM  

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