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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Title One Approves Of

Speaking of "the exotic Asian novel", Hari Kunzru, in an interview with the New Straits Times, says: "The ideal Indian novel for the American market should be called The Mango Spice Sari Elephant."

He also mentions that his next work is about "a white, middle-class British guy in the early 1970s who becomes part of an extreme leftist radical terrorist group. Later, he will live through the height of the commercial democratic, Blairite moment...It’s ...about commitment, and certainty, and having to face up to consequences that follow you around. It’s a way of talking about politics and, in a way, terrorism, but without having to go anywhere near the current meanings of that and the current, post-9/11 furniture of that....I’ve got a first draft of about 100,000 words which is there, and I’m hoping to get it done towards the end of the year."

Oh no, not another novelist attempt to delicately probe the psyche of characters attracted to terrorist groups.


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