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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Future Of Fiction (And Advertising)

The New York Times reports that "a campaign for Svedka, a Swedish vodka, is serving as inspiration for a series of articles to appear online and in a is teaming up with Spirits Marque One, the importer and distributor of Svedka, to commission 16 writers to imagine what the world of 2033 will be like in areas ranging from sexuality to politics to science"

The writers commissioned aren't unknown: they include include Ana Marie Cox (of Wonkette) Jay McInerney, Rick Moody, Walter Kirn and Will Self. Their stories will be available online, published in an anthology and the writers will go on a book tour.

As the report states, this "is indicative of how the road between advertising and entertainment is increasingly becoming more of a two-way street."

Executives of both companies say that the writers are not required to include or mention Svedka, vodka or drinking in their stories. But still. How seriously should such work be taken? Reminds one of what BMW did in film, showcasing the work of directors such as John Frankenheimer and John Woo, among others.


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