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Monday, July 03, 2006

The Tangled Ms Winterson

"Only if I sustained a severe injury to the head," replied Martin Amis, when asked in 2000 whether he'd ever write a book for children. Well, Jeanette Winterson clearly had no such scruples, for she's just come out with her book for younger readers, enticingly entitled Tanglewreck. Writing in Scotland on Sunday, Stuart Kelly expresses contempt:

"What makes this novel so dishonourable is its sheer cynicism. Disregarding the fuzziness about readership, the shakiness of the science, a few off-colour jokes and the lacklustre prose, there is a surreptitious marketing agenda at work here."

In The Observer, however, Geraldine Bedell is more gracious:

"Writing for children seems to have lent warmth to Winterson's voice and the novel is leavened with a kind of loving, godmotherly assurance that makes it not merely impressive but enormously likable, and fun."


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