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Friday, September 15, 2006

'The Silent Work Of Uneventful Days'

Martin Amis' The Age of Horrorism was much debated. Here he is in conversation with The Times' Ginny Dougary:

"You find that some things have not been written about by you and gone down to the subconscious level, and they bel­ong to fiction. It’s a silent anxiety… an anxiety that you don’t articulate. That’s where your fiction comes from. Sometimes it’s stuff that you don’t even know is bothering you. You think life is going on and nothing much is happening but there is… Saul Bellow has a nice sentence for it… ‘The silent work of unev­ent­ful days’, when great changes are happening inside you but it just seems like ordinary life.”

"The silent work of uneventful days": what a wonderful description.


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