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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Patron Saint Of Bloggers

"Bloggers have eclectic tastes. It seems that few, if any, have an orderly reading plan. Is that a bad thing? Maybe even evidence of a disordered, undisciplined mind?

I hope not. It reflects my reading habits. In fact, I think it reflects the reading habits of most people. Fortunately, the historian John Lukacs once pointed out that there are 'no rules about reading, no rules about what should β€” or will β€” interest you. What you must do is follow and feed your own interests.'

It’s one of my favorite quotes. I think it should be the anthem of the blogosphere β€” an arena of unconventional writing where there are no rules, where bloggers follow their own interests, each one doing a little bit to further the great written conversation of Western civilization that has been taking place since a clever fellow in Syria scratched a sheep and goat onto some clay tablets.

St. Augustine, pray for bloggers. "

- Eric Sheske in the National Catholic Register


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