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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Little Magazines, Big Magazines

Here's an article in praise of The New Criterion, the little magazine that's survived for 25 years by pitting itself against "the complacent, jacket-copy style reviewing of the popular press, as well as the obscurantism promulgated by some corners of the academy". (Co-editor Roger Kimball is fond of quoting Oxford philosopher J.A. Smith: "Nothing that you will learn in the course of your studies will be of the slightest possible use to you in life — save only this — that if you work hard and intelligently, you should be able to detect when a man is talking rot.")

Meanwhile, the librarians at The New Yorker continue to answer readers' questions. In the latest instalment: who wrote under the pen name Guy Fawkes, and who was the Constant Reader?


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