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Thursday, March 23, 2006


The number of unread books in one's possession is in inverse proportion to the amount of shelf space. And now, the New York Observer alerts one to some irresistible new titles to be published in summer-- one is particularly looking forward to David Mitchell's Black Swan Green, Gay Talese's memoir, A Writer's Life, and, of course, John Updike's Terrorist and Philip Roth's Everyman. 'Wear the old coat, buy the new book', as the bookmark says.


  • Tell me about it! *Stares at credit card statement that reads Crossword, Mumbai, The Reader Shop, Mumbai, Landmark, Calcutta*; *Designs new bookcase in head*; *Realises can't pay for new bookcase on account of credit card statement (see above)*; *Tries to forget sordid, squalid details of life at Nalanda, Mumbai*. Etc.

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