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Friday, June 09, 2006

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Bookslut's editor-in-chief Jessa Crispin fires a few salvos at the New York Times' book coverage: "Lately...everything that comes out of the New York Times seems to be met with an eye roll instead of held breath. SF communities were outraged when Dave Itzkoff was selected as the new SF columnist, citing everything from his use of the term 'science fiction' instead of their preferred 'speculative fiction' to his list of favorite books...Michiko’s reviews, especially the ones written in a character’s voice, are met in the literary community with the same concern you’d give to your drunken aunt when she decides to sit down at the piano at a cocktail party. And that list of the best American novels of the last 25 years? Instead of the expected responses of anger or respect, they got a large number of publications, especially online magazines like Slate and Salon, asking, 'What the fuck?' "

That bit about the drunken aunt: priceless.


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