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Monday, June 13, 2005

Press Distrust

The Press Trust of India's website, on its Lifestyle page, states: "Lavanya Sankaran's The Red Carpet is a fiction novel." Er...yes. (Though the section is titled "Book Review", there's no review present -- just an extract.)

A sidebar on the same page (and one quotes verbatim) states: "Most read story about Lifestyle: Tara Reid - another struggling celebrity to show out left breast." (One didn't have the temerity to follow the link.)

Yet another article in the Lifestyle section excitedly announces: "Sweetened soft drinks make your child fat!" (Quite a revelation.)

And finally, a report on the Sahara Group's Subroto Roy denying rumours of ill-health appears in the Entertainment section. (Well, at least they've got something right.)


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