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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What They Think of 'Tokyo Cancelled'...In Tokyo

Tokyo Cancelled is a joy to read. Snatches of it on the morning train will leave you wandering through the day with a slightly surreal feel, looking out the corner of your eye for a little bit of (dark) magic.
- Daily Yomiuri

Dasgupta can write trite prose: "Her eyes answered his in many mysterious ways" and "He walked out into the streets with death in his soul." He tries to structure the book with an overriding scheme this reviewer finds contrived: the 13th story is told in 13 parts that recycle bits from earlier tales. In that story, the hero "started to arrange 13 dreams in different ways, and found at last that he could make a single narrative of them that was almost coherent." Almost coherent is close enough in this often inventive offering from a new author.
- Asahi Shimbun


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