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Friday, March 24, 2006

Cross With Crossword

It looks like one isn't the only person peeved at the choice of books at Crossword. Although the reasons in this case are totally different.

According to this Reuters report, the bookshop's Calcutta branch withdrew History of the World: Earliest Times to the Present Day by John Whitney Hall because it contained a black-and-white sketch of the Prophet Mohammed on page 171.

Earlier, the local administration bought a consignment from Crossword to distribute to school libraries. But the West Bengal government stopped further distribution after protests by Muslim groups, and intends removing it altogether.

Quick to jump onto the bandwagon, Hasan Ahmed Imran, general secretary of the Muslim Council of Bengal said, according to the report: "The sketch is in extremely bad taste and is blasphemous. The book should be immediately withdrawn from everywhere in the world and the guilty people must apologise."

(Link courtesy Sunstruck.)


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